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Most technology manufacturing products that are manufactured in China are more competitive by 2-4 times, causing some companies to start sourcing in China, sourcing some of their products to China.




If you have questions e-mail us here.

Our Experience

For those of you who are wondering about our background. We are a family owned business with 60 years in this business, with factories in Fuzhou, China and Ningbo.

China metal stamping

I am a third generation tool and die maker with experience in mold making of all types. I also have a good network of distribution channels in the USA and in China for moving products in both countries.

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Our company builds tooling for plastics metal, wood, plastic injection molding tools, China, rubber molding and extrusion dies for automotive industries and retail environment.

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Your order is never too small for us to handle.

Communicate with us today about your product requirements and we will work quickly to get your product made.

to produce your products in China

Material specs

Be sure to have all of your product details to get a detailed quote.


Selling your products to China

There are new trends of China buying USA and European made goods. If you want to sell your products and goods to China. Please inquire.

We are interested in connecting you with distribution channels to move your product or product lines to China.

Mold prices in China

Typically molds in China cost a fraction of what they cost in the USA or Europe. I have seen quotes in Molds in China cost as little as 50% of what they cost in the USA to make using the same materials. Keep in mind mold manufacturing in China can be done very cheap and very expensive depending on if Japanese steels are used to make the tool.

Visiting China

If you plan to make a trip to visit us in Shanghai, Guangzhou or Fuzhou. Please send a request via e-mail

The normal daily rate we charge is 250 USD per day for factory visitation. In this case we will take you to factories in the city where you plan to do business. If you do not have a city. We will pick a city where it will be easy to get your product made for the best price. We accommodate up to 10 people during these visits. If you are here on a trade show we can also work with you and your company to arrange places to eat and stay.
























China Manufacturing

Make your products in China quick and easy.

Manufacturing in China can be done with ease and lots of fun. I have gone to China quite a few times. helping companies source tooling, retail products, automotive components, and products made in China. Visit our new corporate site.

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Some of our customers include fortune 500 companies, down to small manufacturing companies. We cater to all size companies, and in all countries around the world. We support most manufacturing processes, and languages to make sure you get your product from China, quick and easy. We have a team in both China, USA and Europe to suit your location and your Chinese made products.


Cost Reduction Quality Control Warehousing
Product Development Product Assembly Factory Visitation
Mandarin Translation Prototyping Project Management
Cantonese Translation Tooling Design Retail Consulting

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Email us for more details

Our Step By Step Process

We need all the details you can give us, this will help us all get you an accurate and detailed quote in a timely fashion. Click here to see Request for Quote form

China sourcing company

Before you send us an email consider this. We need all every detail, that you would need to explain your product to a company making it. This may include blueprints, drawings, sketches, 3D drawings from a local engineering company. The more details the better. We have the ability to process quotes very rapidly, but details are a must. We also want quantities and required delivery dates.

You may also add, if you have current distribution channels in the retail environment. If you are planning to sell online, or if you currently have distribution channels. This gives us a good concept on how to source your product.

Steps in moving your product from idea to reality

  1. Email a request for quote with quantities, pictures, blueprints, and expected delivery dates.
  2. We will return e-mail asking for more information, if all info is not there.
  3. We send out several emails to our existing suppliers for quotation based on your drawings, samples and quantities required.
  4. We will get quotes and send them to you for consideration.


Delivery Customs and Shipping

Give us every detail you can to make it easy to figure China shipping costs.

Shipping from China can be cumbersome at times. We our help we can simplify this process for you. We would need exact details of your goods including any MSDS sheets for products that have special paint or liquids. You can save a lot of time by providing every piece of information that you can. We can figure out the tariff and duty for your product when exporting out of China. Give is details on how much volume your product will take up. This is usually done in a cubic meter crate. Our minimum order for size is 1 cubic meter of goods. We do have a minimum order amount of $1500.00 per order as well.

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Manufacturing Processes

We support most manufacturing processes in China.

The manufacturing processes include, China plastic injection molded parts, castings, machining, CNC machining, China metal stampings, China progressive dies, stainless steel parts, electro polishing, metal finishing, buffing, anodizing, chrome plating, thermo forming clamshell packaging, rubber molds, engineering, product development, and much more.

China mold

Importing and Exporting

Shipping terms you should know.. Even if you leave the work to us.

Manufacturing and importing products to your country from China, involves many details that can not be overlooked. This process can be complicated at first, but when you import to your country, you must have a close relationship with the factory, so they know which way you want to ship goods from China. FOB and CIF are shipping terms, among others that you must know. Also, it is good to know which port in China they are shipping from.

shanghai trading

E-mail Us At

Some of the ports in China are the following; Xiamen, Guangzhou, Ningbo and Hong Kong. There are many more ports in China where you can export from. You can even use EMS an air shipping company in China. Marking products is important too. Not knowing how the products need to be marked by customs can result in seizure of your products at customs. So you should have all details covered before doing business in China. Contact us

How we can help you import goods from China

made in China

This is the main purpose of Manufacturing China. Although we are an informative website, we also have connections in manufacturing, distribution, retail and logistics in China. The sole purpose is to help you get your product or goods made in China and sent to you safely. We have offices in China and in the USA. We can be reached at +1 323-366-8300 or

24/7 Customer Support for Clients

chinese manufacturing

Our current customers enjoy 24/7 customer support with a local phone number in USA, UK, Hong Kong, Germany, France and Mexico. We offer this service to make sure a piece of mind and constant communication while your products are being manufactured. We always have a real-time up to date status on your goods. E-mail

Plan a trip to visit China

Plan a trip to China to visit factories. We offer assistance with a team of guides

We arrange trips to China for purpose of manufacturing your goods or products. Typically we will pick you up at the airport, and take you to the factory which can last 2-7 days depending on requirements. We offer daily services, to make sure you get the product you want. We do this without the hassle of visiting factories, that are not capable of manufacturing your products. It is highly recommended to use this service if you plan to come to China. This will ensure your time is productive when you visit.

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Warehousing in China

Need to store product in China? We have you covered

  China product manufacturing

We do offer warehousing services in China for goods in transit or temporary basis. We have spaces up to 95,000 square meters throughout the coast of China. Including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Xiamen, Fuzhou, Ningbo, Zhejiang and Hong Kong. Please inquire if you need your product assembled and or warehoused within the China mainland. Contact us

Minimum Order Requirements

China shipping container

Due to the time and resources it takes to bring products from China to your country. We do consider smaller orders. We do not have a minimum order requirement, but we do have a minimum dollar requirement of $1500.00 USD per order. For orders this small we add a minimum of $250.00 to help you process your order. This involves getting your product in your hands as samples from China. The $250.00 covers office expenses and normally will take a week to process your order depending on the type of product. For more information about our services

United Kingdom and European Countries 

Import products from China to United Kingdom

We offer exporting to UK and Europe from China. If you are a company in the United Kingdom or Europe, please feel free to use our local UK number, to call us direct. We have many clients in UK, Europe and Australia, and we also make regular trips to London.

China uk

your products in China

3D printing your product prototype in China

Prototypes are normally required of Chinese factories to get your product started. Maybe you do not have distribution channels yet, or you are developing your product to pitch to investors.

We offer many services to help you get started with your prototypes. One of the first steps is to try to make one yourself. Also it is good to get blueprints made up. If you can not do this We offer Chinese companies that can help you with design and engineering your products to be made in China.

China prototyping

China Exchange Rates

The Chinese dollar has gained strength over the last 7 years. The trend of a stronger RMB means, your products coming in from China, keep getting more expensive. If you want to import from China you should pay attention to this. Keep track of the USD to Chinese Yuan here.

china exchange rate


Compare cities to do business in China

fuzhou China

This is a little unknown secret. China has many manufacturing cities for millions of products. Many high end electronics are made in Guangdong province. Many plastics and molds are made in Zhejiang China. But the most inexpensive place to do business in China is in the city of Fuzhou, in Fujian province. Fujian is known for the best green tea in the world. But until recently, people didn't go there to manufacture goods. Major factories are in Fuzhou including FootJoy Golf and Mercedes Benz. If you want to buy goods at 40% of the cost compared to the areas in China. Fuzhou China is the place to source your products.


Source for these Manufacturing Processes

Electronics Assembly 
Packaging Services 
Cable Assembly 
Hose Assembly 
Mechanical Assembly 
Other Assembly 
Wire Harness Assembly 

Injection Casting 
Centrifugal Casting 
Ceramic Mold Casting 
Die Casting 
Investment Casting 
Lost Foam Casting 
Other Casting 
Permanent Mold Casting 
Plaster Mold Casting 
Sand Mold Casting 
Shell Mold Casting 
Vacuum Casting 

Other Coating 
Thermal Coating 
Chemical Cleaning 
Powder Coating 
Surface Treating 
Vapor Deposition 

Tool, Die & Mold Making 
Blow Mold Making 
Compression Mold Making 
Injection Mold Making 
Lay-Up Mold Making 
Pattern Mold Making 
Reaction Mold Making 
Blanking Die Making 
Clicker Die Making 
Compound Die Making 
Extrusion Die Making 
Multi-slide Die Making 
Other Die Making 
Progressive Die Making 
Stamp Die Making 
Steel Rule Die Making 
Rotational Mold Making 
Structural Foam Mold Making 
Thermoform Mold Making 
Transfer Mold Making 

Engraving & Marking 
Chemical Engraving 
Hand Engraving 
Laser Engraving 
Machine Engraving 
Other Engraving 
Roll Die Engraving 

Welding or Bonding 
Other Fabrication 
Structural Fabrication 
Filament Winding 

Shot Blasting 
Silk-Screen Printing 
Sand Blasting 
Other Finishing 
Abrasive Cleaning 
Tumble Finishing 

Impression Die Forging 
Near-Net-Shape Forging 
Open Die Forging 
Other Forging 
Press Forging 
Roll Forging 
Upset Forging 
Net Shape Forging 

Centerless Grinding 
Cylindrical Grinding 
Surface Grinding 
Other Grinding 

Heat Treating 
Stress Relieving 
Case Hardening 

Electric Discharge 
Milling & Turning 
5 Axis Milling 
Chemical Machining 
Deep Hole Drilling 
Machining of Castings 
Other Machining 
Screw / Swiss Machining 

Metal Spinning 
Metal Spinning >= 36" 
Other Metal Spinning 
Metal Spinning < 36" 
Metal Spinning & Stamping 

Pallets & Skids 
Clams & Clampacks 

Powdered Metal Forming 
Isostatically Pressed 
Press & Sinter 
Metal & Powder Injection Mold 
Powder Forged 

4 / Multi-slide Stamping 
Progressive Die Stamping 

Tube Modification 
Tube Bending 
Braided Tubing 
Hybrid Tubing 
Other Tube Processing 

Springs & Wire Forming 
Wire Forming 
Other Wire Forming 
Coil Rolling 
Coil Springs 
Springs & Wire Forming 
Compression Springs 
Extension Springs 
Torsion Springs 

Wood Fabrication 
Wood Finishing 
Wood Assembly 
Routing & Drilling 
Wood Turning 

Babbitt Bearings 
Flanged Bearings 
Needle Bearings 
Thrust Bearings 
Linear Ball Bearings 
Linear Journal Bearings 
Linear Roller Bearings 
Pillow Block Bearings 
Radial Ball Bearings 
Radial Journal Bearings 
Radial Roller Bearings 
Other Bearings 

Chemical Processing 
Chemical Blending 
Chemical Calcining 
Chemical Classifying 
Chemical Drying 
Chemical Milling 
Other Chemical Processing 
Chemical Screening 
Chemical Size Reduction 
Chemical Synthesizing 

Cutting Tools (Special) 
Boring Tools 
Custom Cutting Tools 
Drilling Tools 
Milling Tools 
Reaming Tools 
Threading Tools 

Industrial Equipment 
Automation Equipment 
Electrical & Lighting Equipment 
HVAC Equipment 
Other Equipment 
Packaging Equipment 
Process - Plant Equipment 

Direct Extrusion 
Other Extrusion 
Indirect Extrusion 

Bevel Gears 
Helical Gears 
Internal Gears 
Other Gears 
Spur Gears 
Worm Gears 

Fasteners & Hardware 

Bent Anchor Bolt Sleeves 
Bent Anchor Bolts 
Bolt Anchors 
Caulk-In Anchors 
Chemical Anchors 
Drive Anchors 
Drive Pin Anchors 
Drop-In Anchors 
Expansion Shield Anchors 
Rod Anchors 
Screw Anchors 
Sleeve Anchors 
Stud Anchors 
Wall Anchors 

Bucket Tooth Bolts 
Cap Screws 
Carriage Bolts 
Coil Bolts 
Connector Bolts 
Elevator Bolts 
Eye Bolts 
Ferry Cap Screw 
Flange Bolts 
Hanger Bolts 
Heavy Hex Bolts 
Hex Bolts 
Hex Lag Screws 
Penta Bolts 
Plow Bolts 
Shaker Screen Bolts 
Sidewalk Bolts 
Square Head Bolts 
Step Bolts 
Structural Bolts 
Tap Bolts 
Tension Control Bolts 
Toggle Bolts 
U-Bolt Plates 

Adhesive Back Products 
Captive Screws 
Control Cable Clamps 
Equipment Braces 
Flashing Products 
Hinge Products 
Standoffs and Spacers 

Bulk Nails 
Pneumatic Brad Nails 
Pneumatic Finishing Nails 
Pneumatic Framing Nails 
Pneumatic Roofing Nails 

Acme Nuts 
Acorn Nuts 
Cage Nuts 
Cap Nuts 
Castle Nuts 
Clinching Nuts 
Coupling Nuts 
Finished Nuts 
Flange Nuts 
Heavy Hex Nuts 
Hex Nuts 
High Nuts 
Jam Nuts 
Knurled Nuts 
Lock Nuts 
Machine Screw Nuts 
Slotted Nuts 
Spring Nuts 
Square Nuts 
T Nuts 
Wing Nuts 
Wire Connectors 

Pin Fasteners 
Clevis Pins 
Coil Pins 
Cotter Pins 
Dowel Pins 
Hairpin Clips 
Hitch Pins 
Locating Pins 
Lynch Pins 
Self-Locking Pins 
Snapper Pins 
Split Rings 
Spring Pins 
Tab-Lock Pins 
Taper Pins 

Rivet Back-Up Washers 

Fasteners & Hardware 

Rivet Collars 
Rivet Lock Bolts 
Rivet Mandrels 
Rivet Nuts 

Clinch Studs 
Coil Rods 
Double End Studs 
Fully Threaded Studs 
Slip-On Lock Nuts 
Threaded Rods 

Coach Screws 
Deck Screws 
Drive Screws 
Drywall Screws 
Flooring Screws 
Furniture Screws 
Jack Screws 
Machine Screws 
Multiple Material Screws 
Particle Board Screws 
Self-Drilling/Tek Screws 
Sems Screws 
Sheet Metal Screws 
Thread Cutting Screws 
Thread Rolling Screws 
Thumb Screws 
Wood Screws 

Security Fasteners 
Machine Security Screws 
Security Bits 
Security Drivers 
Security Removal Tools and Keys 
Sheet Metal Security Screws 
Socket Security Screws 

Set Screws 
Socket Set Screws 
Square Head Set Screws 

Button Socket Cap Screws 
Flat Socket Cap Screws 
Low Socket Cap Screws 
Socket Cap Screws 
Socket Jam Screws 
Socket Shoulder Bolts 

Compression Springs 
Extension Springs 
Other Springs 
Coil Springs 
Flat Springs 
Torsion Springs 

Struts, Clamps & Hangers 
Beam Clamps 
Clevis Hangers 
Conduit Clamps 
Conduit Hangers 
Flat Plate Fittings 
Mounting Hardware 
Pipe Clamps 
Riser Clamps 

Belleville Washers 
Beveled Washers 
Bonded Sealing Washers 
Conical Washers 
Fender Washers 
Finishing Washers 
Flat Washers 
Hillside Washers 
Load Indicating Washers 
Lock Washers 
Ogee Washers 
Square Washers 
Structural Washers 
Wave Washers 
Williams Washers 

Weld Fasteners 
Weld Nuts 
Weld Pins 
Weld Screws 

Other Hardware 
Cable Fasteners 
Door Closers 
Push In Fasteners 
Retaining Rings & Clips 
Other Fasteners & Hardware 

Pumps, Valves & Fittings

Flow Fittings, Misc. Fittings 
Hose & Pipe Fittings 

Air Compressor Pump 
Centrifugal Pump 
Chemical Pump 
Diaphragm, Air Pump 
Gear Pump 
Hydraulic Pump 
Metering Pump 
Piston Pump 
Submersible Pump 
Vacuum Pump 
Other Pumps 

Ball Valves 
Butterfly Valves 
Check Valves 
Control Valves 
Diaphragm Valves 
Gate Valves 
Globe Valves 
Needle Valves 
Pinch Valves 
Plug Valves 
Relief Valves 
Vacuum Breaker Valves 
X - Misc. Valves 
Manual Valve 


Blow Molding 
Compression Molding 
Dip Molding 
Lay-Up Molding 
Pour Molding 
Rotational Molding 
Structural Foam 
Transfer Molding 


Print on Demand (POD) 

Rapid Prototyping

3-D printing 
Drop on Demand 
Fused Dep Model (FDM) 
Select Laser Sinter (SLS) 
Stereolithography (SLA) 
Trad Model Making 
Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) 

Seals and Gaskets

Other Seals & Gaskets